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Things to do

Things to do

Wine & Dine at amazing Restaurants


Besides its natural beauty Xlendi Restaurants are some of the very best on the island of Gozo. Specialising in Mediterranean cuisine rest assured your culinary senses will be satisfied.


Top 8 Things to do in Xlendi, Gozo

Over the past years, life has become so fast and so hectic that taking time for yourself and your family has become a top priority. Taking time to slow down and relax is very important and there is no better way to regenerate than by visiting Xlendi, Gozo.

Xlendi, Gozo is distinctly different than any other place in Malta, Gozo’s sister island. Actually, the island has always been distinct from mainland Malta; different traditions, events, and landscape have distinguished the island both as a culture and as a travel destination.

Xlendi has a very low population density and leads a very slow process of urbanization. This helped a lot in conserving Xlendi’s particular character, which helps any traveler to slow down, breath deeper and relax.

  1. Take Walk and Hikes around the Xlendi Coastline

Xlendi has a spectacular coastline that stimulates the mind and the imagination. When you walk along Xlendi’s coastline you’ll find beaches, cliffs, caverns, and creeks. The view of the clear blue sea under the cliffs is sight and a highlight in itself.

  1. Swim at Xlendi Bay

Xlendi Bay has a very remarkable beach. You can swim under the cliffs from the pebbly beach or from the various platforms around the beach.

  1. Cliff Dive into Deep Blue Sea

Many enjoy the thrill of diving from the cliff side into the fresh cool water of Xlendi Bay. Be careful, it can be dangerous, and many get hurt every year, but if you are crazy enough – why not?

  1. Eat and Drink at Xlendi Bay

Besides its natural beauty, Xlendi Restaurants are some of the very best on the island of Gozo. Specialising in Mediterranean cuisine rest assured your culinary senses will be satisfied. Xlendi, surrounded by the Mediterranean is an excellent dining location, that offers both fine dining and casual eateries made from healthy and tasty produce. Xlendi is also host to some very good award-winning restaurants. Of course, we cannot forget to mention that Restaurants in Xlendi have a spectacular setting, the best for a romantic evening or night out with friends.

  1. Dive in the clear blue sea of Xlendi Reef & Tunnel

Xlendi hosts a spectacular number of species and is especially popular for night dives as it is an easy dive in shallow water. The tunnel through the headland is only 2m deep in Xlendi Bay and 6m on the other side. The Cave Walls are spectacularly colored with red starfish and sponges, green and purple algae, and bristle worms.

  1. Rod Fishing & Spear Fishing at Xlendi Bay


If you already enjoy fishing or want to give it a try, Xlendi is a great place to try. In winter months, a small school of barracudas seeks shelter at Xlendi.

  1. Enjoy some WaterSports in Xlendi

From Jetskis to self-drive boats, Xlendi bay is a great place to enjoy water sports in the hot summer months that are the rule of the day in Malta and Gozo.


  1. Visit the Xlendi Tower

The Xlendi Tower is the oldest Tower found in Gozo, built under the rule of Grandmaster Lascaris. It was built to protect and attack Gozo from attacking fleets before they land on the shore of Xlendi. It is quite unique in its architecture and has an impressive view of Comino and Northern approaches to Gozo.


The list could go on forever, but as you can see from the above points, all the activities in Xlendi are somewhat relaxed and slow paced. So if you are looking to relax, love the sea and love to eat good food, then Xlendi Bay is the place you should definitely visit.