Xlendi Tower



The Xlendi Tower is the oldest watch-tower in the island of Gozo. Grand Master Lascaris built it during his reign in 1650 to protect the bay from incoming menaces. The tower was designed to protect the south west side of the island from smugglers, pirates and quarantine invaders. The structure is 35 feet in diameter with a height that rises to 30 courses. Its unique architecture gives the whole of Xlendi bay a touch of character with its seaward facing side looking as if it is challenging the incoming waves.

During its time the Tower was initially armed with two 6 pound iron guns which were later upgraded with two 4 pounders. During the night the tower used to be guarded by three armed men while its Detachment Commander,gunner  and Aggiuntante would take the lead during the day. From the cliffs of Ras il-Bajda, the tower enjoys exntensive views of any south western approaches to Gozo and extends to the entrance of the Comino Channel. The Xlendi Tower was service in guarding of the Bay until late 1871.