Aruba, the new magic destination

It’s known as the theme park of Caribbean, as Aruba is a place where Caribbean is enjoyed at it’s best. Almost negligible rain and moderate temperature of 70 to 80 degrees throughout year, it’s an island to have fun under the glorious sun. It’s located just 20 miles of the cost of Venezuela and is well away from the regular hurricane belt passing from the Atlantic ocean.

It’s part of the Dutch Antilles and has a capital known as Oranjestad. It’s well connected with mainland USA via air links and has proper information counters and other utilities like ATM’s etc. Just 5 minutes walk from the air terminal takes you into the heart of the city. With it’s Dutch colonial feel, the down town area is full of handicrafts and local souvenir shops. One enjoys a stroll in the street with it’s laid back feel and relax atmosphere. Also you will find very interesting local jewelery and clothing shops.




Best Beaches in Aruba

Though we are in beach paradise, so certainly we would want to head toward the best beaches. Most of them are about 15 minutes drive from the down town area. Here a word of caution, as when you take a taxi, decide your before hand as they don’t function on meters. Regarding beaches, there are quiet a few with each having unique characters. Like Rodgers Beach is perfect if you are looking for privacy with very many sacks and beach huts.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is good if you want to enjoy some sea sports as it offers para sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and once finish with them you could chill at the nearby resorts which also has casino’s in some of them. For toddlers and new to swimming, Baby Beach is a safe bet, as the water is not so deep and is quiet for most of the time. Only thing is that it is the farthest and take around 45 minutes to reach there. If you are feeling lazy and just wishes to sun bath than Eagles Beach is the ideal spot for you.

Aruba is a tourist’s paradise as it offers not only wholesome activity for all kind of people but the culture and hospitality of Aruba’s local residents will make you feel just at home. So if you are thinking of Caribbean vacation do check out this jewel of an island. You will come back with some real good memories.

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