Planning Your Trip To Las Vegas – How to Get from Point A to B

Make sure before you leave for Las Vegas you know what you need to do when you get there. The airport is very busy and hecktic. Several of the airlines operate there. I would always make arrangements ahead of time for a pickup and only carry on my luggage. Also if you do take a cab know how to save on it. If you do want to rent a car you need to know how to save on that also.

Trip To Las Vegas

When you are booking your flight to go to Las Vegas it is advisable to go ahead and book airport transportation. I don’t know of any hotels in Las Vegas that offer an airport shuttle. You can get a privately owned shuttle for less than $15 per person round trip. You will need to make these arrangements before you leave. This is the best way to get from the airport in Las Vegas to the property you have booked. You can also catch a cab or take a bus, but they are less convenient.

Everyone I talk to plans on checking bags, I strongly suggest you rethink that if at all possible. It is much better to carry on your luggage when you fly. It can take forever at baggage claim just to get your bags. Plus now days you pay a fortune to the airline when you check bags. You will save time and money by carrying on your luggage.

If you do take a cab, I would ask the driver not to take the tunnel. This is a choice you have between time and money. Taking the tunnel will be more expensive but will take less time. You have to decide which is more important.




If your insist on renting a car while you are there, then I would suggest Fox Rent-A-Cars. They are much cheaper because they are not in the airport, you have to take a shuttle to get there. They will save you money, but not time. I don’t rent cars out there though, I use Pete and Charlie or I take a cab from place to place. There is also the mono rail and the busses. Then you have no worries when it comes to parking and traffic.

When ever you are landing in Vegas make sure you have a plan how you are getting from the airport to your hotel. Planning in advance can save you some money. The best way is to arrange for a shuttle and don’t check bags, this will save time and money.